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A tale on two continents

LX Design, both the blog and the project, are Texas born. No, neither of us founders are from there or live there, but we were introduced at an e-learning conference in Dallas in April 2015. Together, we have more than 30 years experience of learning design under their belt in both corporate and academic environments. But over the last few years we’ve both been wondering if maybe, just maybe, we are doing it wrong.

Traditional learning design methods and processes don’t seem very well matched to the increasingly advanced digital services and products we both work on in our day jobs. Though on different continents, we’ve both been involved in industry projects and developments that have been driven by user experience design. And individually we decided it would make sense to begin using UX methods in our learning design work.

When we met in Texas (thanks to the inestimable Dr. Laura Pasquini) we began a conversation about UX methods in learning design. This blog about Learner Experience Design, or LX Design for short, is that conversation. One half from Australia, the other half from North America.

About Joyce

Joyce Seitzinger (profile pic)

Joyce Seitzinger

Joyce Seitzinger is an education technologist and learning designer with 16 years experience in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. She has worked in corporate training and higher education and enjoys both environments for their own challenges. In January 2014, Joyce left the university campus to found Academic Tribe. Academic Tribe is a distributed network of education specialists who provide consultancy and services in learner experience design, social learning, gamification and open badges. In their short existence, the tribe has built collaborative client relationships with RMIT University, ODLAA, Adult Learning Australia and Chisholm Online. Joyce has a Masters in Education Technology from University of Southern Queensland and specialises in open badges, social learning and learner experience design in education. Joyce tweets at @catspyjamasnz

About Jess

Jessica Knott (profile pic)

Jessica Knott PhD

Jessica Knott, Ph.D. is the Learning Design Manager for IT Services Teaching and Learning Technology at Michigan State University. She helps faculty, staff, and academic programs effectively integrate technology into their teaching and research through consultations, demonstrations, workshops and hands-on development. She has worked in information technology since 1998, spanning the private and academic sectors, and her work has covered K-16 and adult learning. Jessica holds a Ph.D. in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University, focusing on faculty learning, user experiences, and the far-reaching impact that the open Web and hyperlinks have in the field of teaching and learning. Jess tweets at @jlknott

About Mark

Mark Smithers is an education technologist and former educational IT manager with 30 years experience in higher education. He is the general manager at Academic Tribe. Mark manages the technical side of LXDesign.co for Joyce & Jess. Mark tweets at @marksmithers

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