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LX Perspectives: A Hot New Marriage by Myra Travin

Myra Travin LX Perspectives

LX Perspectives is a series of guided articles by guest bloggers on We ask learning designers, education technologists, UX designers and others to share their views on what experience design can mean for education and learning. Each guest is posed 4 questions to explore this topic and free to share other thoughts as well. Our first guest is Myra …

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A/B Testing: What is it and what can it do?

Jess Knott UX Methods

Flickr image: Two Loners, by Cass A/B, or split testing, offers you a way to test out different course design ideas you have, and to see how your students understand them. It basically consists of comparing two versions of a course component, and seeing which one works best for your learner.  We started the LX Design blog to explore how …