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Why zombies are eating your course design

Joyce Seitzinger LX Practice, UX Methods

The use of personas is becoming more prevalent in learning design. Institutions and learning organisations are beginning to see that better course design happens when that design is done in a combined team with academic expertise, learning design and technology skills. With that changing practice comes a need for those design teams to have a shared understanding of who their learners are and what …

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The Hows and Whats of an “Accomplished” LX Designer

Jess Knott LX Perspectives, LX Practice, The LX Role, What is LX design?

Accomplishment This post focuses on professional development and ways of gaining valuable skills you can apply to your work in LX design. Assuming a management role has shifted my work lens from “why and where” to “how and what.” Leading a talented team of learning designers is humbling, challenging, and more rewarding than I could have imagined. As we have …

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You just might be a Learning Experience Architect

Joyce Seitzinger LX Practice, The LX Role

DM from Keith: Hey I’m looking for some input. Got a minute? I’ve been asked to take on a role that combines staff capability building in edtech with “exploring innovation”, whatever they mean by that. Specifically we are looking at new tech, tools,  platforms and workflows for students and teachers. DM from me: What do you need? DM from Keith: …

The Democratization of Learning #sxswedu

Jess Knott LX Perspectives, LX Practice, Opinion

In preparation for our panel at SXSWedu, the panelists and I agreed to write a blog post about how we made the connection between UX and learning design. As I started thinking, I kept coming back to “why,” rather than “how.” To me, LX means the democratization of learning. It means separating subject matter expertise from “knowing” what students need. …

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Confessions of a newfound LXer – episode 1

Perrin Rowland LX Practice

This is a guest blog post by Perrin Rowland. Perrin is the elearning project director for the Intueri Education Group, previously she was the Learning Technologies Team Leader for the Waitemata District Health Board in Auckland, NZ. Despite having the loudest laugh in any room, Perrin also makes a mean Carnitas. You can find her on twitter as @perrinia. I’m …

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My experiment in the #LXDesign of information presentation

Marcus McDonald LX Practice

This is a guest blog post by Marcus McDonald. Marcus says of himself: “I’m an aspiring educational technologist or is that a technology educationalist…I seek tools and frameworks to enhance the student experience in health care education.”  There is no denying that the use of PowerPoint in academia has taken some criticism over the years. In the overhead projector days it …